How to Reset Netgear EX7000 WiFi Range Extender

Is your Netgear Nighthawk EX7000 extender not working in the way it should? Does your AC1900 EX7000, all of sudden, behaving weirdly? If you nod in yes, it is time to reset Netgear EX7000 WiFi range extender to the factory default settings. Once done with the Netgear EX7000 setup and connected WiFi-enabled devices to its extended network, around 99% of users don't even touch their extender. They only put attention to their range extender when it stops working or starts showing errors. The ultimate solution to all such sudden technical problems with your Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 EX7000 extender is Factory Reset. Simply perform the Netgear EX7000 reset to restore all its default factory settings and get rid of all tech issues in no time. Wondering how to reset Netgear Nighthawk EX7000 AC1900 WiFi range extender? Wonder no more! We have got your back! This post will make you familiar with the complete Netgear Nighthawk EX7000 extender reset process. Let's get going.

Netgear EX7000 Reset

There are two main ways to restore the default factory settings of your Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 extender (EX7000). They are:
  • 1. Using the Factory Reset Button
  • 2. Via the Default Web User Interface
Let's discuss both methods one by one. Note: Prior to resetting your Nighthawk extender, it is recommended to take a backup of existing setting changes so that you can easily restore the backup after reset. No need to make setting changes again!

Using the Factory Reset Button

Let's have a look at the steps required to factory reset your Netgear WiFi range extender:
  • Find a thin object such as pin, pen, or paper clip.
  • Power up your Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 EX7000 range extender.
  • Locate the Factory Reset button on it.
  • Once found, press and hold the button using a paper clip or pen.
  • Wait for the extender to reboot itself.
Done! Your Netgear Nighthawk EX7000 extender has been successfully reset to the default factory settings. Now, you need to configure your extender's settings as per your preferences once again.

Via the Default Web User Interface

Here are the instructions to follow to perform the Netgear EX7000 reset via the default web user interface:
  • Plug in your Nighthawk range extender to a wall socket and turn it on.
  • If you have already employed the Nighthawk router setup for your home, take an Ethernet cable and connect your extender to the Nighthawk router using it.
  • Thereafter, turn on your PC or laptop.
  • Open an internet browser on it.
  • Head over to the default Netgear nighthawk extender setup web page.
  • Once you reach the Netgear EX7000 extender's dashboard, go to the Settings section.
  • Click on the Reset button.
  • A confirmation pop-up will display. All you need to do is just click on the Yes button to continue.
  • Let the extender reboot properly.
That's all! Thus, you can reset your Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 EX7000 WiFi range extender to the factory default settings. After that, you have to reconfigure your extender's settings in accordance with your requirements. In case you are still struggling while resetting your Netgear Nighthawk WiFi range extender, make sure to get in touch with our proficient and highly knowledgeable experts. They will provide you instant and relevant solutions to resolve the issue within a matter of minutes.
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